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Small Business Values

Large Company Capabilities

plastic injection molding process


General Tool and Mold specializes in a wide range of production runs from the millions to a few hundred parts. We specialize in small part production molds and can meet your needs with shot capacities up to 3oz, including multi-cavity molds.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding


We work with a variety of plastic resins: ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Polystyrene to name a few.  We also can work with customized resins and all sorts of colors.

Best Plastic Injection Molding Company


We offer assistance with custom mold designs and construction, plastic injection molding, and much more. We understand the importance of producing high-quality parts and the necessity to meeting deadlines and shipping your product on time.

Plastic Injection molding machines

At General Tool and Mold, we use plastic injection molding industry specific equipment:

Victor Lathe
Radial Drill Press
Deckel Tool Grinder
Harig Surface Grinders 
Grob Vertical Band Saw
 Excello Sinker EDM
Full Cad-Cam Capabilities  
Bridgeport Milling Machines 
Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope
3 Axis Centroid CNC Vertical Bed Mill
22-Ton Boy Injection Molding Machines
50-Ton Boy Injection Molding Machine


Plastic Injection Molding Experience

We are a family owned and operated company that has been serving our clients and Industries for more than 37 years. Our company builds high-quality plastic injection molds, which includes high production and prototype molds. We specialize in designing and manufacturing small plastic injection molded parts. Due to our years of experience, General Tool and Mold is able to provide high-quality plastic injection molding services to companies in multiple sectors and industries. We perform all facets of the mold making process in-house, therefore, allowing us to provide quick turn around and cost effective solutions. 


Plastic Injection Molding Pricing

Being a family owned and operated company that has been in business for nearly 40 years doesn't just mean we have the experience you want in a project, it also means that we are able to offer top notch service, incredible quality, and timely completion at some of the most competitive prices in the plastic injection molding industry.

We guarantee you that you will not find a company that offers more value in terms of service, quality, and price.

Call today to discuss your project with one of our sales professionals.



Plastic Injection Molding Machine
plastic injection molding pictures
Plastic injection molding quality
Plastic Injection Molding Tools
Quality plastic injection molding
Plastic Injection Molding Process
Plastic Injection Molding services
plastic injection molding company
custom plastic injection molding

Our team carefully monitors and controls every production process from prototyping through to end-of-line inspection and final packing. Every product is subject to our strict quality control standards, ensuring that your expectations of quality and consistency are met. We’d be happy to give you a detailed runthrough of our testing standards, so contact us today if you’d like to speak with a plastic injection molding service rep.


Plastic Injection Molding Process

Est. 1979     Experience     Values     Service

We have been the premier plastic injection molding company in Marietta, Georgia for 37 years. General Tool and Mold provides all our clients with first-class customer service and we understand customer service is an essential element to earning trust and building a successful, long-term relationships with our customers.​​


We only use plastic injection molding machines that are well-known in the plastic injection industry such as: Boy, Harig, and Vectrax - just to name a few.  Our machines and experience allows General Tool and Mold to build high, caliber production molds with multiple cavities; we can also build one cavity prototype molds.

Markets We Serve & More 

  • Medical

  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Telecommunications

  • Customized Parts

  • Consumer Products

We offer custom plastic injection molding for customers that need a little help with design and offer customers a top quality experience with a company that continually improved it plastic injection molding process to ensure the best, highest quality product for our customers.



Large Company Capabilities;  Small Business Values

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